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Is some laminate flooring a health hazard?

Early research findings in 2013 showed that some wood laminate flooring exceeded the safe limits for formaldehyde emissions, which has been linked to serious and debilitating health conditions. This Center for Disease Control summary describes these issues.

In March 2015 the CBS 60 Minutes report below presented evidence that some Chinese - made wood laminate flooring from Lumber Liquidators far exceeded safe levels of formaldehyde emissions. A quick Google search shows that there are now class action law suits and other actions in progress on this matter.

There are standard air sampling tests for Formaldehyde in homes. If the home you are buying has had wood laminate flooring installed over the last few years, and especially if the flooring came from Lumber Liquidators, ProSpect offers a formaldehyde specific test that can be added to your home inspection.

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